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Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Generator Services in Red Hill, PA

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That burst pipe, drain clog, or air conditioning repair cannot wait for very long to get professional attention. If you want fast same–day service for all of your plumbing, heating, and air conditioning troubles in the Red Hill area, count on our team to get it done. We also offer quality installations for many different types of plumbing and HVAC components–water heaters, sump pumps, sinks, drains, air conditioners, furnaces, indoor air quality systems, well pumps, and much more.

Call today for expert plumbing, heating, air conditioning and generator services throughout the Red Hill, PA area!

Call Our Team for Quality Plumbing Services

We are so proud of the work we do, we can guarantee you will be satisfied. Whether you need a new sump pump to get water out of your basement, or you need to completely replace the sewer line underneath your property, we will thoroughly inspect our work and make sure it’s up to our high standards. Just give us a call anytime you are dealing with plumbing leaks, clogs, and other issues, or contact our team to help with a new installation or pipe replacement.

Call Our Team for Same–Day Plumbing Repairs

If you need plumbing repair for a serious issue, you really cannot wait until the next day. Call our team and get same–day plumbing service whenever you feel that your home or your comfort is at risk. You can also schedule services with our friendly staff ahead of time and feel confident that the work we do will be completed correctly the first time around.

We Install and Service Well Pumps

While many people in the U.S. rely on their cities to provide them with clean water, your well gets water to your home using a well pump. We can install a new well pump for you or come take a look when you notice that your pump is not performing the way it’s supposed to.

Sump Pumps and Basement Flooding

If a flooding basement is a problem for your home, it would be tough to go on for very long without a sump pump in place. Sump pumps help to keep your basement dry, and they are a common fixture here in the Red Hill area. Just contact Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling to get service for your sump pump or to install a new one.

Hire Our Experts for Bathroom Remodeling Services

When you decide to start a bathroom remodeling job, it can be tough to know where to start. Call our plumbers in for an inspection of your plumbing system, and then allow us to help you work out all the details. Our bathroom remodeling experts will install your new sink or fixtures and check to ensure all of the plumbing is up to code.

We Install Water Treatment Systems

If you are worried about what’s in the water you and your family members drink, schedule water testing with our professionals. We can pinpoint the issues in your water supply and help you find a suitable solution. We install and service a variety of systems, including reverse osmosis systems, water softeners, and UV lights.

We Offer Quality Air Conditioning Services

An air conditioning system is a complex device that professionals are far more suited to service than the average homeowner. Schedule installation, repairs, replacement, or routine maintenance with one of our helpful technicians. We have years of experience in the industry and we have training with all of the top air conditioning brands. We also expect the highest quality of customer service from each one of our technicians. Trust us for quality work at a fair price.

Ductless Split Air Conditioning & Heating

A new ductless split air conditioning and heating unit will perform far more efficiently than any window unit, and you don’t have to put up with the hassle of installing or extending ductwork to a room in your home. Get in touch with us for more information about ductless AC and heating systems or to schedule installation or repairs.

We Offer Services for Tank and Tankless Hot Water Heaters

Are you in the market for a new hot water heater? Let one of our professionals help you pick one out and make sure it is properly sized and positioned. Have you noticed issues with the way your water heater performs? Allow our team to take a look! We offer all of the services you need to keep you in supply of hot water, including regular maintenance and same–day service for repairs. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

The Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

Although a traditional hot water heater may still be a viable option for your home, many prefer the benefits of a tankless water heater instead. Tankless water heaters use a lot less energy, and they are much smaller in size so you don’t have to give up too much space in your garage, closet, or basement. We install, repair, and maintain these systems.

Heating Systems and Services from Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling

We offer a number of heating systems for installation, and we can repair your heating equipment even if we did not install it. We also offer heating maintenance service so that your heater has a lower chance of breaking down during a cold winter night. We offer oil–to–gas conversions so that the natural gas line that runs to your home can finally power your heating system. Call our team of experts today to schedule heating installation, repair, maintenance, or replacement.

The Benefits of Whole–Home Generators

Whole–house generators turn on automatically after a power outage occurs. This means that you won’t have to stumble around in the dark to find the generator. Your power should come back on within a few seconds, and this system can power all of the most important devices of your home, including the heater and air conditioner. This means you won’t have to worry about finding alternative shelter, potential safety hazards, or throwing out spoiled food.

Schedule Generator Installation with Our Professionals

Our professionals are trained in all aspects of generator installation, from selecting a new unit to securing it into place, to the final performance and safety inspection. Because this service involves hooking parts up to your natural gas line, you should always seek help from professional technicians only.

We Offer Indoor Air Quality Services

Is your indoor air quality making you sick? Do your family members suffer from asthma or allergies? Does the air in your home feel stale and dry, especially when you run your air conditioner or heater? Call the indoor air quality specialists at Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling. We can install a new indoor air quality system that will make the air in your home feel cleaner and healthier. You are likely to notice the benefits right away, so contact our team for quality service in the Red Hill area.