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What You Need To Know About Replacing Your Bathtub

Bathtub replacement is a major undertaking requiring a serious professional. In towns like Radnor, plumbers must often contended with older houses featuring equally old bathtubs. That means incorporating more modern codes and materials into a home that might not be built for it, as well as incorporating the owner’s vision for what a bathtub should be. The better informed you are about the process, the more readily you can understand the need for expert installation. Here’s what you need to know about replacing your bathtub.

  • You may need to either remove walls or add some additional pipes. Sometimes both. Modern tubs are usually placed between three walls, which means that the walls will need to be opened up before the tub can be removed. In the case of a free-standing “claw-foot” tub, you still need to install new pipes in order to meet the operating parameters of the new tub. Either way, there’s a lot to consider, from the existence of load-bearing beams in the walls themselves to the the placement of other fixtures such as the toilet and sink.
  • You need a plan to remove the old tub as well as installing the new one. This can be a problem in a house with narrow doorways, or which has undergone alterations since the tub went in. Whoever you hire needs a logistical plan for getting all of the equipment in and out, no matter how small your bathroom might be.
  • Plan for other installation costs besides the tub. When calculating your costs, you may need to factor in such things as new tiling, new lighting and additional plumbing. Otherwise, you’ll be left with a tub that you won’t be happy with, or that looks out of place in the new bathroom.

If you need plumbing services in Radnor, PA, call Carney Plumbing, Heating & Cooling. We can handle big projects and can talk at length about what you need to know about replacing your bathtub. Contact us today to set up an appointment, and let us show you how much of a difference we can make!

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