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Common Problems with Kitchen Plumbing

The plumbing in your kitchen is one of the most important components within your home. Whether you are washing vegetables for dinner, cleaning up dishes afterwards, or putting food scraps through the garbage disposal, you cannot put too much emphasis on the role that this modern convenience plays in your day to day life. That is why you must contact a professional plumber the moment you notice any problems with your kitchen plumbing in Radnor, PA. Call Carney Plumbing, Heating & Cooling today if you are concerned about the condition of any kitchen plumbing component in your home. No matter how minor the issue may be, it can cause serious disruption if given enough time.

One of the most common problems with kitchen plumbing that homeowners must deal with is a clogged drain in the kitchen sink. This isn’t very surprising, considering all of the soaking and scrubbing that goes on in there. Even when you put traps in the drains, it is impossible to completely prevent every bit of food waste from working its way into the drain. While clogged and slow moving drains are not often a high priority for many homeowners, they can actually lead to some pretty serious issues if left to their own devices. There is a fair amount of pressure in your pipes, obviously, and when a blockage throws off that pressure, cracked or even burst pipes can be the result.

Another very common issue that many homeowners wind up dealing with is a damaged garbage disposal. Garbage disposals are not used with the same frequency that many other plumbing components are. They are very susceptible to damages due to human error, though. A lot of people fail to realize that they cannot just put whatever they want down their garbage disposal. Very hard items or fibrous foods, such as corn husks and celery stalks, can result in damages to the appliance. Remember too that grease and fats from cooking are only a liquid when they are hot. If you put them down your drain and through your garbage disposal you can wind up with coagulated, solidified grease in your system.

For more information about common problems with kitchen plumbing in Radnor, PA, call Carney Plumbing, Heating & Cooling. We’ll give you the information you need to use your kitchen plumbing, and all the other plumbing components throughout your home, properly. Call now to schedule any plumbing services you may need.

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