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Energy Efficiency Tax Credits Extended for 2011

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

Good News! The tax credit for energy-efficient home improvements has been extended for another year.

However, the tax credit will be less in 2011 than it was in 2010 and 2009 – so if you can purchase your energy-efficient appliances now, you should!

For 2009 and 2010, a taxpayer can take a total of 30% of the value of energy-efficient home improvements, up to a maximum of $1500 for both years combined. For 2011, the tax credit is offered for only 10% of the cost of energy-efficient home improvements, up to a maximum of $500.

Other restrictions also apply for 2011. Certain appliances have their own maximum credit amount. For example, you can only get up to $300 for a water heater. Efficiency requirements have increased as well in certain cases – for example, gas boilers must now be 95% efficient. Tax credit requirements for gas furnaces remains at 95%, as it has been for the last two years.  This means that not all Energy Star appliances will qualify.

And, if you claim credits in 2009 or 2010, they count against the $500 maximum for 2011. If you’ve already taken more than $500 in tax credits, you can’t claim anything more in 2011.

Remember, too, that the tax credits are only for improvements to an existing home that is your principal residence. New construction and rentals don’t qualify.

If you’ve been thinking of upgrading to more energy-efficient equipment, don’t make it a New Year’s resolution: do it now!

But procrastinators take heart: even if you don’t get around to buying until next year, you’ll still get some benefits.



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Carney Plumbing, Heating & Cooling featured in The Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration NEWS

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Carney Plumbing, Heating & Cooling was featured in The Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration NEWS for its recent expansion into the geothermal market. (“PA Contractor Jumps into Geothermal”, December 13, 2010) The NEWS’ coverage highlighted the perfect match between the rigorous demands of geothermal installations and Carney’s long-time company philosophy, which focuses on offering customers the best value for their money rather than the absolute lowest price.

With geothermal systems in particular, the NEWS notes, skimping on quality to reduce price can be disastrous. Installing a geothermal loop requires excavation, which means that it’s important to get everything right the first time. If a low-bid contractor tries to cut corners by shortening the loop, only to find that the system doesn’t put out the right BTUs, re-excavating to extend the loop will be extremely costly – perhaps even prohibitively expensive.

To make sure this doesn’t happen to its customers, the Carney geothermal team checks and double-checks its load calculations to be sure that they install a geothermal loop that is the right size for the home. Carney also requires extensive training for all their geothermal installers, and will pay for any additional geothermal training an employee requests.

(Read more about how Carney makes sure that it gets its geothermal systems right every time.)

The NEWS article also emphasized the economic advantages of geothermal heating and cooling systems. Geothermal systems require an upfront investment, but they’re designed to last for 20 years, so a geothermal heating and cooling system is a great long-term addition to a home. Federal tax incentives and local utility rebates can help offset the installation costs, making the initial outlay much more affordable. The increase in comfort and the reduction in utility bills are immediate – and, the NEWS pointed out, the savings will only increase over time as the price of oil goes up and Bucks-Mont utilities are deregulated, leading to potential double-digit utility rate increases.

(Read more about why geothermal systems are well worth the upfront investment.)

Owner Kevin Carney is excited about the potential for geothermal. He told the NEWS that when installed properly, nothing comes close to geothermal “in terms of comfort, reduced energy expenditures, and equipment longevity”. One of his employees has already made the switch to geothermal, and Carney himself is planning to install a geothermal system in his next home.

Read more about geothermal heating and cooling systems in previous blog entries!

Geothermal – Get It Done Right!

Top Ten Reasons to Love Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems

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Heating system rebates up to $3,500 – now through December 31st!

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Have you taken advantage of the Federal Tax Credit yet?  What are you waiting for?  This is the FINAL MONTH to save thousands of dollars when you replace your old, less efficient home heating system with a new, energy saving, high efficiency heater!  If you replace your natural gas, propane gas or oil heating system with a qualifying system by December 31st the Federal Government is providing a tax credit up to $1,500!*

The year-end incentives don’t stop there!  In addition to the tax credit, manufacturer rebates of up to $1,000 on new heating systems and air conditioning systems are available now through December 31st.  Combine these two incentives and you’re saving up to $2,500 by simply having Carney Plumbing, Heating and Cooling replace your old, less efficient heater and air conditioner with a new, energy saving system.

In addition to the money you’re saving through the rebate offers, modern high efficiency heating and air conditioning systems save hundreds of dollars each year in energy usage and come with FULL 10 YEAR PARTS & LABOR WARRANTIES.
Call us today at 215.346.7160 to schedule your FREE, in-home consultation!  Don’t forget- these rebates are only available until December 31st.

The rebates don’t stop there!  We would like to offer you even more savings!  Carney Plumbing, Heating and Cooling now has a coupon allowing for an instant $400 off of your purchase of a new heater and air conditioner!  Click here for the coupon!

Finally, utility providers such as PECO and PP&L are offering rebates up to $700 for high efficiency furnaces, heat pumps and air conditioners.

Families across Pennsylvania are taking advantage of the Rebate Programs.

As you can see, the savings really add up if you act now, but this opportunity will not last!  Don’t wait until after December 31st to have your new heating system installed, because missing this deadline will cost you savings of up to $3,500!!!  Call Carney today to schedule your FREE in-home consultation and take advantage of these unprecedented incentives before the year is over and these offers expire!

*Consult your tax preparer for personal eligibility concerning tax credit.

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Pennsylvania Home Heating Rebates!

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Effective August 2, 2010 – the second phase of the Pennsylvania Home Heating Rebate Program has enhanced the monetary rebates provided by the Commonwealth to homeowners who replace their current, less efficient home heating systems and water heaters with new high efficiency, energy saving models!  The new ceiling for natural gas, propane gas and oil heating systems is now $1,000 (a $500 increase over the previous amount)!  Additionally, the Commonwealth has increased the rebate for Energy Star Qualified water heaters to $250 for tank style water heaters and $300 for tankless water heaters!

Families across Pennsylvania are taking advantage of the PA Home Heating Rebate Program.

Families across Pennsylvania are taking advantage of the PA Home Heating Rebate Program.

Details on qualifying models, updates on the programs and other information can be found at the Pennsylvania Home Heating Rebate Qualifying Products Page.

Carney Plumbing, Heating & Cooling continues to install dozens of tankless water heaters and home heating systems that qualify for these rebates and the Federal Tax Credit (up to $1,500) every week!  These two rebates alone save homeowners $2,500 towards the replacement of their older, less efficient heaters.

BUT ACT NOW! As of August 20th, the funding for this program was nearly 1/3 exhausted, additionally – the Federal Tax Credit is scheduled to expire on December 31st and there are no current plans to extend it.  Call Carney today at 215.346.7160.

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